The Best Version of YOU!

The Best Version of YOU!

Hi Loves,

Finding the best version of yourself is not a single destination, it's always evolving.

What you thought would be the best version of you 5 years ago is probably nowhere close to what you think it would be now.

3 years ago, what I spent most of my time stressing over is not even a thought in my day now. Never woulda believed that then.

The next best version of yourself is waiting on the other side of all the crap that hurts, disappoints or breaks your heart. Don’t give up. 

Whether it’s a slip up on your diet that lasted a year too long or just a painfully dumb decision..remember that we ALL mess up.

Stop beating yourself up over bad decisions, wrong turns and back sliding progress..and find the wisdom that will propel you higher down the road.

Just say no to being a victim & a big fat YES to taking control over the wisdom you gain thru messing up.

Keep striving to be better than yesterday and loving yourself no matter what, every single day.

We got this fit fam!

Xx Coach Torrie